In memory of Alia Michele Elkine

May 23rd 1962 – August 7th 2018

Alia Michele Elkine is the founder of INFINITREE and the formulator of INFINITREE’s products.

INFINITREE has lost a magnificent soul, filled with creativity, and a big heart willing to help anybody.

Those who had the chance to know and work with Alia have lost an inspirational mentor, and a dear friend.

This hard working woman has left behind a wonderful company. This company will keep on running, even better than ever, and with the same motivation and passion that Alia had for INFINITREE.

My story

My name is Alia Michele Elkine. I was born and raised in Paris. In the late eighties, life was fine but there were already signs of the hard times to come. I was slogging some 12 to 14 hours a day at work and for what I asked myself. Where was I going? I wanted to study the universe and human nature but most importantly I needed change.

In 1998, this desire to break away from my mundane routine pushed me into action and I left Paris and headed for Malaysia, a country I had visited in the 80’s and had fallen in love with.

I have always been interested in plants and their benefits. I discovered very young the magnificence of Mother Nature – how small pieces of bark, some leaves or roots had the power to heal. It has now become more and more obvious that there is a huge revival of not only natural remedies but of the use of natural supplements to maintain good health and vitality.

My initiation into healing started with commonplace spices like pepper, cinnamon and rosemary, all of which you can find in your home. I was later introduced to turmeric, cloves, anise seed, and tamarind and today, the spices from my kitchen are part and parcel of my first-aid kit.

How INFINITREE1 started

Intrigued by the fabulous properties of pearls and Oak gall, I embarked on an exciting research journey to use them as a health and beauty remedy.

Oak gall has been aptly called ‘Mother Nature’s gift to women. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-yeast , anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is full of fibre and protein, it consists of a natural combination of anti-oxidants such as Polyphenol.
Oak gall as an “after-delivery” treatment, helps to stop internal bleeding, harden and tighten the vaginal. It is also used to tightening and restoring skin cells which ultimately increases elasticity, reduces and prevents new formation of stretch marks, while at the same time softening the skin and creating an even tone.

It has also been given to teenagers as a skin and health care to treat and prevent acne.
Then I found the other natural ingredient, an element that has been secretly used as a beauty and anti-aging formula for the last 5000 years in the palaces of emperors – Pearls.

I began to mix these two ingredients. As I was doing all these tests I realized that the second ingredient not only neutralized the heat but was working in synergy with the oak gall.

Fortunately, thanks to my supportive clients, they offered to help by trying my new natural health remedy. On common accord we decided to monitor the evolution of their skin’s quality, and appearance as well as their health from day one of consumption, with one to two capsules per day , according to age and weight, taken in at morning after breakfast.

Here’s what these women, aged 30, 36 and 40 had noticed after taking my new formulation:

A thoroughly cleansing bowel movement.

Pimples were drying, red spots were diminishing, and the skin tone was visibly more even.

DAY 10
An important energy gain and skin texture felt softer on all three women.

DAY 14
The blemishes and pigmentation were visibly less prominent, vanishing by 60% and the skin was firmer.

DAY 20
The three women had a more radiant skin, looking smoother and healthier. Pimples, freckles, blemishes and pigmentation vanished.

DAY 25
The three women had felt more strength and endurance, claiming they perform better in their day to day activity.

DAY 30
I had three women jumping around me totally excited and asking me to prepare more of my formula! Four weeks later all my “models” had flawless skin and were looking more energetic!

INFINITREE1 is for every member of the family and it is all about dosage.

Today I am happy to share with you this natural gift, the best 100% herbal anti-aging supplement formulated to perfection and encapsulated for you.

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