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Bring Back A Bottle


Why ‘Go Green’?

Simple. Today, it’s common understanding that one of the worst and MAJOR threat to our health and environment is plastic. In order for our future generations to enjoy what we have today and to live healthy lives, there is a need for us to take action now.

Used for more than 50 years to provide linings inside food cans and hold our drinks, plastic is indeed a MAJOR threat to the environment as well as our health. Exposure to chemicals in plastics create potential health dangers for the young as well as the old.

Plastic is everywhere – used for every purpose – water, food and even medicine containers,. All are made of plastic despite the fact that it’s polluting the environment and killing the flora and fauna. Since the tsunami in Japan, there is an island of plastic the size of France, floating in the ocean.

I know it is not easy avoiding plastic when everything we purchase is conditioned in plastic. But if each one of us play his or her part, we can definitely start controlling the flow of plastic for the moment and not let it pollute our land and ocean. However, it’s not something achievable by the effort of just one person alone but rather, a joint effort by each and everyone of us.

As part of INFINITREE’s initiative in ‘Going Green’ and protecting the environment, we are appealing to you to conserve and recycle. INFINITREE is doing its own part as well by being an eco-friendly company. We place an emphasis on using only non-toxic, recyclable materials within the INFINITREE family and this includes the papers and labels we place on our INFINITREE1 bottles. Our plastic bottles are non-biodegradable but are recyclable.

To prove our point, INFINITREE Is putting this “Bring Back the Bottle” campaign.

As of today, we’d like to ask you to bring back any supplement plastic bottle to us and receive a RM5 discount on your INFINITREE product purchase. INFINITREE collects INFINITREE1 as well as other bottles for the sole purpose of keeping control of plastic waste and therefore protecting the environment.

To all current INFINITREE users, do not throw away your bottle! Bring it back to us and receive a RM10 discount off your next INFINITREE product purchase!

The protection of our environment has become everyone’s responsibility. We are duty bound to salvage what’s left before we reach the point of no return. Go Green! Reduce, reuse, recycle!