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Company Profile

Heaven Secrets

Natural Herbal Products Supplier

At INFINITREE, we believe that Mother Nature has made available all the goodness we need in nature to Prevent and Cure.

INFINITREE, is the property of Heaven Secrets SDN BHD an ambitious Malaysian based company dedicated to health and well-being through herbal formulas of our own inspiration. Using only 100% natural ingredients and natural herbs of the finest quality, we process our products with the utmost care, garanteeing therefore their effectiveness and nutritional value.

Our Traditional Medicine approach is based on ancient Asian healing practices combined with the latest technologies on herbal analysis and extracts.

Empirical studies on the aging process and genetics have shown that today it is possible to reverse some common hereditary conditions.

Look out for our Logo INFINITREE.


  • To become the leader and precursor in the field of traditional medicine, health and beauty.
  • To be an innovative and a dynamic supplier of our unique herbal supplements worldwide.
  • To be recognised on par with conventional medicine. Today traditional medicine has found its legitimate place in the sacred Hall of Medicine and it is common to see doctors recommending herbal treatments along with regular medicines.

INFINITREE wants to also push the idea a notch further. Prevention holds a major place in our vision on health, wellness and beauty.

“Prevention is better than cure” Desiderius Erasmus (27 October 1466 –12 July 1536) a well-known idiom that is seldom put into practice. Today’s modern medicine is proving Desiderius right every day. The knowledge of our family genetic history should help us maintain good health to a very old age and manage or reverse common hereditary ailments with the help of a well regulated food intake and appropriate herbal remedies. This is how at INFINITREE we begin our quest to promote a healthy and strong body even at 60 years and over.
It is with this thought in mind that we present the first of a long list of products, “INFINITREE 1” for its amazing and fast acting properties.

INFINITREE will promote its visions and practices by holding prevention and awareness campaigns by way of a natural path that will lead to a healthier and better informed consumer.

Heaven Secrets


INFINITREE takes a strong stand when it comes to environment protection. We wholeheartedly promote eco friendly usages and practices in every aspect of our operation because today’s environment protection is everyone’s responsibility. INFINITREE is an Eco Friendly Company.

Heaven Secrets


INFINITREE’s Corporate Social Responsibility will begin with the first bottle sold.
How? A percentage per bottle sold shall be retained, to be redistributed where it is needed.
INFINITREE is very eager to be a strong and active participant of the local and global community for the betterment of all.


Heaven Secrets
For the first time, INFINITREE presents “INFINITREE 1”
A unique formula packed in Malaysia by TPM Biotech’s manufacturing plants


With the latest health and environmental issues, I believe it is time for us to go back to basics. The price of conventional medical treatment is currently so high that it has become almost a luxury. In South Africa, Chinese Traditional Medicine clinics are on the rise simply because this type of medical treatment is much more affordable, coupled with its safety and proven results. These Natural Healing approaches are gaining huge momentum.

Witnessing first-hand the benefits of my formula I knew the time had come to make available on the market a product that will revolutionise the understanding and beliefs concerning Traditional Herbal Medicine.

INFINITREE was created with the idea that prevention, healing and curing with plants is a reality. In this light INFINITREE intends to lead the way.


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