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Green Packaging


Our Herbal Skin Care Supplement in Eco-Friendly Packaging

As mentioned earlier, INFINITREE is an eco-friendly company. Therefore, INFINITREE shall not present its products in fancy expensive boxes and bottles for our skin care product, anti aging supplements or traditional medicine that would only end up in the bin. In this way, INFINITREE helps preserve the Environment, cut down on wastage and production expenses.

A good quality packaging should be air-tight, sun-proof with a sealed cap and that is exactly what INFINITREE will deliver.

Convert in cash the amount of plastic bottles and card board boxes that you put in the bin right after purchase and I am sure you will agree with me, IT IS A SIN!

Still in brain-storming, INFINITREE is definitely in search of a truly biodegradable package to lessen the stress on the environment and on the consumer’s wallet while enjoying Mother Nature’s blessing.

INFINITREE welcomes all suggestions in that matter.