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Infinitree 1


Intrigued by its fabulous properties, I embarked on the exciting research of using it as a health and beauty product.

Oak gall is widely used as an “after-delivery” remedy to stop internal bleeding, harden and tighten the vaginal wall, at the same time tightening and restoring skin elasticity which ultimately reduces stretch marks as well. Likewise it is given to teenage girls and boys as the best skin care supplement and anti-acne remedy.

It is known to prevent the apparition of new stretch marks, soften the skin and maintain an even tone.

QI possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast properties.
It is full of fiber and protein, and it has a natural combination of anti-oxidants (Polyphenol) that help protect women against cervical cancer. Oak gall is known to have been used more than two thousand (2000) years before Christ and has been aptly called ‘Mother Nature’s gift to women’ since then.

My first test was not complicated. The Oak gall was placed in boiling rice. It softened when the rice was fully cooked. Due to its extreme bitterness, I had to cut it into small pieces and swallowed these wrapped in small balls of rice. Strangely enough the rice was not tainted by the bitterness.

A few days later, I noticed my skin was as smooth as a baby’s. The rashes on my upper arm had disappeared leaving the skin looking soft and tight all over. In addition, I no longer suffered from the usual bowel trouble and I had no more problems waking up in the morning.

I was told, however, that oak nut has to be taken conservatively because of its “heaty ” properties. In Asia, you often hear people talking about how this fruit is “heaty”, or that one is cooling, in reference to the body reaction after ingestion. I was intrigued and was anxious to find a natural ingredient that could neutralize the “heaty” element in the oak gall nut without compromising its’ extraordinary properties.

So began my experiments with the magical nut. There are many different types of oak gall nuts and at different stages of maturity. I have learned to identify them and found the perfect combination for INFINITREE 1.

Then I found the other natural ingredient, an element that has been secretly used as a beauty and anti-aging Elixir for the last 5000 years in the palaces of emperors.

I began to mix these two ingredients – measuring, comparing, searching and taking notes -with one thought in mind, finding the correct dosage for my formula. As I was doing all these tests I realized that the second ingredient not only neutralized the heat but was working in synergy with the oak gall. Some of my clients, who were already using some of my other natural herbal products, noticed that my skin appeared more hydrated, fairer and was glowing. They decided to help me test my new mixture. On common accord we decided to monitor the evolution of their skin’s quality and appearance from day one of consumption, with one to two capsules, according to age and weight, taken at morning after breakfast. These three woman, aged 30, 36, and 40, had dark pigmentation, blemishes, old acne scars, red spots and open pores.

Day 1A thoroughly cleansing bowel movement.

Day 2An important energy gain and skin texture felt softer on all three women.

Day 3Pimples were drying, red spots were diminishing, and the skin tone was visibly more even.

Day 4The blemishes, pigmentation and freckles were visibly less prominent, vanishing by 60% and the skin was firmer.

Day 5The three women had become a tone fairer, the skin looking clearer and healthier.
Pimples, freckles, blemishes and pigmentation vanished and their skin appeared “plumped” up.

On the 7th day I had three women jumping around me totally excited and asking me to prepare more of my new natural wellness and beauy product! Four weeks later all my “testers” had flawless skin and were looking more energetic!

Old folks tale say that QI was good for woman. Well it’s true. However, QI is also found to be just as good for men as well as teenagers whose weights are above 40/45 kg.

Infinitree 1 is for every member of the family and it is all about dosage,

Infinitree 1 is for everybody – man, woman or teenager.

Infinitree1 and Man
The benefits of Infinitree 1 observed on men/males consumers are amazing. We have testimonies stating how they noticed an obvious increased energy, about skin tag drying and falling off. They also observed their skin texture becoming refined, making them look very much younger.

Infinitree 1 and Teenager
The benefits of Infinitree 1 observed on teenagers are found on their happy-looking faces. No harsh treatment, no more heavy chemicals with long-term side-effects, just 1 capsule every alternate day after breakfast. Within the first week, blackheads and unsightly pimples will start to fade away.

For the last 14 years I have been consuming INFINITREE 1 and so have my friends and clients. Recently I gave it to my 14 year old daughter who developed some acne issues.

I must say the results are amazing and at least she won’t suffer the usual teenager’s agony caused by unsightly pimples and blemishes.

Today I am happy to share with you this natural gift, the best 100% herbal anti-aging supplement formulated to perfection and encapsulated for you.

Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which [is] the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.