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Nura’in bt. Zahalan

Nura’in bt. Zahalan
Age: 20
Post: Student & Model
Place of residence: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Hello Everybody, I am Nura’in bt Zahalan. I am 20 years old from Kuala Lumpur. I really want to share with you the story of my war with the annoying spots on my face!

I am a student majoring in fashion design and modeling. Though I am lucky to be tall and slim, I’m not as lucky with my complexion. My worse moments are facing HORROR right before a photo shoot. I get breakouts out of a sudden, grrrrrr, and I need to put on lots and lots of makeup to cover it up. Somehow, each time before an important photoshoot or catwalk, my skin will look at its worst – in short, HELL!

Two weeks ago, my mom who is all about the “natural” way, introduced me to INFINITREE1. I started taking 1 capsule every alternate day and this is me after two short weeks
This is what I noticed after INFINITREE1:
1. My complexion is so much clearer
2. My skin tone is 2x fairer
3. My skin stays moisturized all the time
4. My pores are now closed – making my skin texture much finer
5. What’s best here is I AM GLOWING! EVERYBODY SAYS SO!

Thanks to INFINITREE1, I can now concentrate on my pose! My photos are better and my face looks so fresh and clean.

For more information: http://ow.ly/IMT5D