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Product Description

The Very First All Natural, All Rounder Anti Aging Formula
Energizes, Beautifies, Heals & Protects
Skin, Bones and Over All General Health
Visible Results on the 5th day With Only 1 Capsule a Day !

LE MASQUE is a fabulous raw and organic ( Label Rouge) Lavender Honey
rinse off moisturiser with potent healing properties.

Soften wrinkles, scars, remove dark circles and pigmentation,
it gives an immediate glow even after the first application.
Because it moisturises the deepest layer of the skin, wrinkles are softened up; the skin is tight and plumps up.

How to use: As beauty mask, put a small amount on your face, spread it with your finger.
After 20/30 minutes rinse off with water.
Your face will not reveal your age anymore!

Ingredients: 95% raw and organic lavender Honey
5% MTC oil – Le Masque is a food grade moituriser

Medicinal properties: antiseptic, excellent for allergies, eczema, burns, insects bites, nails infections and pimples.
As a medicine, apply a small amount, on the concerned area and dress it with a plaster or bandage
For eczema, we recommend that you apply a small amount on the concerned area and wrap it with a kitchen plastic cling and leave it overnight. Repeat as needed.


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