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INFINITREE 1 is a herbal supplement incapsulated in a vegetable capsule. The main ingredients are Quercus Fructus Infectoria aka QI (the sap of the Oak Tree) and pearl powder.

QI is anti-fungus, anti-bacterial/microbial/viral, and anti-yeast.

The pearls contains a lot mineral that feeds the chain of amino acid. (Amino acid is high in protein and vitamins, it is a vital substance that your body uses when it’s creating muscles. Amino acid is also very important for maintaining firm muscles. You might even find yourself struggling to get into a healthy shape if your muscles aren’t as strong as they should be.) Thanks to the mineral that feeds the chain of amino acid, the pearl powder stimulates cell regeneration, allowing to fight against sagging, loss of density and dryness of the skin.

INFINITREE 1 contains calcium, phosphore, magnesium, and ions, the antioxidants are flavonoid and polyphenol and it also contains fibre.

QI heal your skin from infection and impurity, it clears pimples and tightens the skin, the pearls enhance its glow and radiance.

The combination of these 2 ingredients boost collagen production of an average of 50%, making your skin tighter and your muscles firmer, leaving you looking more energetic, hence younger. It also helps relief joint pain, strengthens the bones, boost your energy, moisturise your face making it smooth. Our customers had also claimed that it helps to cleanse your bowel movement and aid with any stomach aches.

INFINITREE1 is to be consumed once a day, after your breakfast with a glass of warm water or a juice. You will notice the effect of INFINITREE1 10 to 14 days after consumption.

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