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Sanz Liew

Sanz Liew
Age: 32
Post: Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty Therapist
Place of residence: Prai, Penang

Sanz & Team’s Testimony

Hello people! I’m Sanz Liew, age 32. I am a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beauty) Therapist attached to The Private Room located in Prai, Penang.

Two months ago, I was introduced to INFINITREE1. So much was being said, I wanted to try the product. I have no major skin issues, and being a TCM Therapist myself, I was keen to find out more about INFINITREE1.

The first week I didn’t really see any changes but then again. What was more evident is the energy which is much needed in my job.

On the second week, there it was while rubbing my neck, suddenly I realized that most of the skin tags were gone from my neck. It felt so soft and my regular customer complimented the glow of my skin asking me what I was taking.

My team and customers seeing the result I encountered immediately started to take INFINITREE1 and here we are, 3/4 weeks later… Happy happy!

Also taking this product is Bosco Teh, age 27, Peggy Goh, age 27 and Irene Yeoh, age 32. All 4 concurred improved skin and energy.

For more information: http://ow.ly/IMScq